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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eclipse Glasses

Earlier this summer we thought the 1,000 eclipse viewing glasses the Library received from Star Net would never run out, but unfortunately our expectations - and our glasses supply - have been eclipsed! Our Eclipse Viewing Party is also booked with a full waiting list. Feel free to add yourself to the waiting list, but keep in mind that due to space limitations we cannot exceed the maximum number of attendees.

If you already have eclipse glasses, feel free to join us as the party heads out into the center of the Gail M. Smolinski Municipal Complex, where the Village Hall and Police and Fire Departments are located, to watch the eclipse. We will be out there to witness maximum totality for our area around 1:18 PM.

We would like the thank everyone who has called and visited us for their interest in the eclipse glasses, our programs for it, and the event itself.

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