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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day in the Life... Thanks!

Thank you to all of the Library patrons who participated in "A Day in the Life of Roselle Public Library" on Wednesday, October 21.
Nearly 500 people visited the Library on Wednesday, checking out nearly 750 items. Over 125 Library-users filled out forms letting us know how they were using the Library that day. Most of them also left comments on the form ranging from "We love Roselle Library and cannot live without it" and "[The library is] Living up to my expectations, which are high" to "I wish we had more large print books" and "We need more non-fiction."
Along with many comments pointing out that the library is a "crucial asset" to families, and a "valuable resource" for our community, especially "with a challenging economy and people out of jobs," there were some excellent suggestions for improving our services.
Statistics are being compiled and photos are being gathered. Watch for a link to results of the "Day" coming soon.
Thanks again for being there for your Library.

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