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Friday, May 02, 2008

Where're My Downloadable Audiobooks??

As many of you know, the Library's downloadable audiobook service, ListenIllinois, was discontinued at the end of April. ListenIllinois was a grant-funded project and, unfortunately, the funding was not extended beyond the initial grant period.

We realize that many of you appreciate the convenience of accessing audiobooks from your home computers, and we are looking for an alternative service that is easy to use and iPod-compatible.

In the meantime, until we find a replacement service, see our list of sites that provide free downloadable audiobooks.

Most of titles on these sites are public domain, including the Bible and classic books (Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.), but they are certainly worth browsing. You may be surprised at what is there.
One of the sites,, looks very interesting. They don't have a big selection, but only a half-dozen are public domain. The rest seem to be new books, read by the authors (whom you have probably never heard of).
So if you're jonesing for downloadable audio, it might be worth checking out these sites.

When an acceptable subscription service is found, the information will be available in the Library and on the Library's website. The new service will also be promoted in the monthly email newsletter and in the Library's quarterly newsletter, Library Lights.

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