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What's New @ Roselle Public Library

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Library's videos now available as downloads"

Did you see this article in Saturday morning's Daily Herald? The story is about a new service at Naperville Public Library called MyLibraryDV. It's a great service that allows patrons to download videos to their personal computers FOR FREE...programs like "Antiques Roadshow," "Rick Steve's Europe," "America's Test Kitchen" and "FitnessOnDemand," as well as a great selection of classic and "indie" films.

The thing that the article didn't mention is that Roselle Public Library patrons can access this service, too! Although it is new at Naperville, Roselle patrons have had access to MyLibraryDV for several months. If you haven't tried it yet, click on the MyLibraryDV button on the Library's home page. If you have tried it, look again! MyLibraryDV keeps adding more great programs.

It's easy! It's free! It's your Library, right in your computer!

Perhaps if the Roselle library had the PR machine working for it that Naperville did, a reporter would have known about it...
You are so right!
The Library did issue a press release when MyLibraryDV was inaugurated, and I believe it was published.
Of course the Library needs to do more...programs, services and collections need constant promotion to keep them in the public's mind.
Library Lights, the email newsletter and the website, in-house posters, bookmarks and signs are all used, but there is no substitute for good press coverage.
Thanks for your comment...we need to call a reporter and let him/her know about all the great things we're doing!
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