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Monday, March 05, 2007

Playaway! A new way to listen!


Not an MP3 or CD player and not software, Playaway is a self-contained audiobook, half the size of a deck of cards. Just attach your personal earbuds or headphones and the Playaway is ready for immediate listening. Using clearly marked buttons, Playaway gives listeners the option of placing digital bookmarks and controlling the speed of a narrator's voice, all while easily moving both forward and back through audio book selections that can range from six to twenty-four hours.
Roselle Public Library has titles for children, teens and adults in this new format.

Find titles on Playaway in the Library's catalog by typing "playaway" in the Search box.

For more information about Playaway audiobooks, audiobooks on tape and CD, and downloadable audiobooks at Roselle Public Library, please call 630-529-1641, stop in the Library at 40 South Park Street in Roselle, or visit the Library's website.

This is a really great product and it's so easy to use. I use to take my evening walks listening to Audio books on CD with the Player. It was really bulky and when I started to jog it would end up skipping and losing the spot in the book. With the playaway it's so light and fits right in my pocket. It's never loses it spot even when it's put on pause and auto shuts off, when I hit the Playaway button again it goes to the exact spot it left off at. that's so cool.

It would be great to have a Library of these, the space it takes up is far less than any paper back collection. Everyone that has seen me wearing this look very intrigued, I can see this becoming a trendy item for Pre-teens as well. If they could provide the Music for TIME-LIFE series the Greatest of the 50's 60's etc...I thhink this would be a Big Seller.
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